Filled mastic candy with mastic cream 200g

Sweet temptation. Crystal candy with a delicious mastic cream filling. Made with natural mastic. 

Net weight 200g (7.05oz)


Toffee candy with mastic 200g

Toffee with mastic. Soft, chewy, delicious. Traditional recipe, smooth flavour. A real treat! Perhaps the “best bonbon” you have tried.

Net weight: 200g (7.05oz) 


Crystal mastic candy 230g

Caramel (sugar candy, bon bons) with natural mastic and mastic oil. Traditional recipe, smooth flavour. A real treat! 

Net weight 230g (8.11 oz)


Toffee candy with mastic sugar free 100g

mastic candy with few calories but full taste.

Soft mastic candy (toffee) WITHOUT SUGAR.These candies are ideal for people on diet. Contains maltitol.

Maltitol is a polyol used as a sugar substitute. It has 75-90% of the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar) It is used to replace table sugar because it has fewer calories, does not promote tooth decay, and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose, which make it suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Even the pharmaceutical industry uses maltitol as an excipient where it is used as a low-calorie sweetening agent.


Mastic jelies 100g

A new, first appearing product.

Small, soft, cool jelly wrapped one by one in a transparent wrapping, with the exquisite and distinct taste of real mastic and a hint of lemon

Mastic pleasures in a small bite!


Mastic candy crystal250g


Toffee mastic candy 250g