Four amazing moms decided once to work for us and they did great! Under the guidance of Marissa Churchill patissier, they created for us a series of homemade sweets, with love and care as if they were working in their owh kitchen!

shortbread cookies chamomile

Shortbread cookies with chamomile 140g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Butter (cow's milk) , Sugar, Chamomile 0.9%, Salt.

shortbread cookies almond mastiha oil

Shortbread cookies with almonds and mastiha oil 120g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Butter (Cow milk), Sugar, Almonds 7%, Salt, Mastiha Oil

Paximadakia me mantarini

Small rusks with tangerine & white chocolate 250g

Ingredients:Wheat flour, sugar, tangerine peel 10%, white chocolate 9% (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, vanillin), eggs, raising agent: baking powder, salt, Chios Mastiha Oil