Mastiha taffy sweet is a snow white color taffy aromatized with Chios mastiha. It is a traditional treat delightfully named “submarine” due to the traditional way of serving it as a spoonful submerged in a glass of ice-cold water and lick it as a lollipop.

The Greek diaspora introduced this treat to other countries as a very playful and delicious desert.

ypovryxio mastiha 300g

Mastiha sweet 300g

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Chios Mastiha 0,05 %, Chios Mastiha Oil


Vanilla sweet 300g

Ingredients: Sugar, glucoze syrup, Vanilline

ypovryxio mastiha 600g

Mastiha sweet 600g

Take a spoonful of sweet mousse, submerge it in a glass of water and lick it like a lollipop! Spread it in a bread or cookies or eat it like a cream! Ideal as a topping instead of any cream!

Sweet mastiha mousse 200g αντίγραφο

Sweet mastiha mousse 200g

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup (corn), water, egg albumen, Chios Mastiha 0.07%, Chios Mastiha oil

Sweet cocoa mousse 200g

Sweet cocoa mousse 200g

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup (corn), Water, Cocoa powder (cocoa solids 1%), Egg Albumen, Artificial flavored

sweet lemon mousse 200g

Sweet lemon mousse 200g

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup (corn ), Water, Egg Albumen, Color: Curcumin (E100), Artificial flavored

Sweet mastiha mousse 240g

Sweet mastiha mousse 240g