Mastiha Oil is extracted from the Chios mastiha through distillation process with steam. It is 100% natural product containing an extraordinary array of therapeutic, aromatic and flavouring ingredients. Through this distillation process Mastiha Water is produced at the same time, which is also a natural aqueous extract.

It is a resinous liquid with a faintly yellow colour and balsamic and rustic odour. It is used as basic ingredient in health & care product: especial for the production of antiseptic creams, anti-bacterial solutions, toothpastes and mouthwashes, soaps, shampoos and bath foams.

In addition, the mastic oil is traditionally used in the food industry (confectionary products, bakery products, ice creams & sweets, liqueurs and soft drinks, alcohol drinks, traditional products) especially for flavouring purposes.

mastiha oil flavor

Mastiha Oil Natural Flavor is an oleaginous mixture of natural Mastic Oil with a vegetable oil in specific proportion. It is used for better dispersion and easier use.


Mastiha Water is a natural aqueous extract of the Mastiha oil and softly retains the unique flavor of mastiha and some of the beneficial attributes as well.

It is produced from a steam distillation of Chios natural mastiha.

100% natural

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial action.